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薪资: 5千-7千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

职位描述? Communicates politely and display courtesy to guests and internal customers? 与客人和内部客户礼貌、友好的交流 。? Provides direction to the Kitchen helpers, including Commis, Cooks, Kitchen Attendants and Stewards? 指导厨房帮手,包括厨师、厨房服务员和管事的工作。? Communicates to his/her superior any difficulties, guest or internal customer comment and other relevant information? 与上级交流疑难问题,客人或内部客户的意见以及其它相关信息 。? Establishes and maintains effective employee working relationships? 与员工建立并保持良好的工作关系 。? Attends and participates in daily briefings and other meetings as scheduled? 按计划参加并参与每日例会及其它会议。? Attends and participates in training sessions as scheduled? 按计划参加培训活动 。? Prepares in advance food, beverage, material and equipment needed for the service? 事先准备服务所需的食品、饮料、材料和设备。? Cleans and re-sets his/her working area? 清洁并整理工作区域。? Implements the hotel and department regulations, policies and procedures including but not limited to:? 实施酒店和部门的规定、政策和工作程序,包括但不限于:o House Rules and Regulationo 酒店的规则和规定o Health and Safetyo 健康和安全o Groomingo 仪表仪容o Qualityo 质量o Hygiene and Cleanlinesso 卫生和清洁? Works with Supervisor in manpower planning and management needs和上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求。? Works with Supervisor in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget和上级领导一起编制和管理部门预算。职位资格和技能Required Skills –技能要求? Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.? 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。? Food service permit or valid health/food handler card as required by local government agency.? 食品服务许可或当地政府规定的有效的卫生或食品上岗证。? Problem solving and training abilities.? 解决问题和培训的能力。Qualifications –学历? Diploma or Vocational Certificate in Culinary Skills or related field.? 餐饮技能或相关专业的大专或职业证书。Experience –经验? 2 years experience as a cook or an equivalent combination of education and experience.? 2年厨师工作经历或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景。

薪资: 3.5千-4千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:北京 食宿:提供吃

岗位基本要求:1.外貌形象良好,热爱酒店行业。 2.有良好的中、英文沟通能力。3.熟悉北京的“吃、住、行、游、购、娱”信息。4.能适应倒班工作,可上夜班。

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

Scope of PositionThe Sommelier is responsible for the extensive wine program throughout the entire hotel. Although this position will work primarily with the fine dining restaurant, he/she will also support the other food and beverage outlets as well through the selection of various wines and design of the wine lists that each outlet will utilize for service.RequirementsBachelor’s degree in hospitality or other related fieldCourse of study with Wine Associations (e.g.) American Sommelier Association, Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine & Spirit Education TrustReading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language.Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks.Must be a self-motivator and motivator of others.Must work in a safe, prudent and organized manner.Must be able to relate to all levels of Guests and management.Must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar position, preferably in luxury environmentMust have the ability to handle multiple tasks at one time.Must be able to consistently delight and satisfy our GuestMust have very good communication skillsMust have excellent attention to details, and extensive service knowledgeMust have an in-depth knowledge of food and preparationMust have an advanced-level knowledge of wineMust have an in-depth knowledge of beverage and bar related productsMust have an in-depth knowledge of laws related to beverage servicePrior experience in a renovation or pre-opening environment is desirableGlobally-recognized F&B certification requestedRestaurant and or Retail experience that has involved selling of wine and guest relationsLooking to forge relationships with wine-makers and key players in wine-sector职责范围 调酒员负责但不局限于餐厅的整体运营。支持团队并确保提供最高的服务标准给客人。职位要求对食品和烹饪有着浓厚的兴趣愿意在弹性时间和假期期间工作必须在安全,谨慎,有组织的方式下工作对食物和准备方面有深厚的知识对酒水饮料有深刻了解有能力使所有层次的客人和管理层相处融洽有能力在同一时间处理多种任务有良好的沟通和组织能力技巧能够让我们的客人感到一贯的喜悦满意有能力细心的处理客人的要求当地语言和英语阅读,书写,口语流利在任何时候保持职业精神和风度具备数学技巧,电脑软件能力(按照要求)和一些酒店的运行知识

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

Scope of PositionThe Bellman is responsible for the overall guest satisfaction by creating a delightful arrival and departure experience, which includes escorting guests to their destination, handling delivering and storing of guests luggage, communication of information and guest requests and familiar with and able to demonstrate the guest room technology.Requirements                                                      Experience dealing with all levels including owners, corporate officers, support staff and all hotel employeesExcellent overall communication skillsAble to multi taskThe ability to work well in a team environmentAble to stand for extended periods of time                          Able to communicate written and spoken English and Mandarin Language Possess a pleasant and outgoing personality 职责范围行李员需负责给客人舒服愉悦的运送行李服务,从而使客人满意。包括带领客人去他们的房间,为客人运送行李,交流信息,了解客人的要求,为客人介绍房间内的高科技的设备。职位要求                                        有经验来处理各个层面,包括业主,管理者,支持员工和所有酒店同事良好的交流技巧有能力处理多项工作和任务可以在团队的环境里努力地工作能够接受延长时间的工作     良好的中文和英语的说写能力拥有友善和外向的个性

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:四川-巴中 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3千-4千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

? In absence of Manager, conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known在经理缺席时进行交接班说明,确保了解酒店的活动和运营要求。? Participate in the planning and costing of menus参与菜单的计划编制及成本计算? Develop and write standard recipes积极发展于手写菜单配方的标准? Maintain comprehensive product knowledge including ingredients, equipment, suppliers, markets, and current trends and make recommendations for appropriate adjustments to kitchen operations accordingly确保全面了解的产品知识,不仅包括食品成分、设备、供应商、市场、当前动向,提出一些适当的建议,并对厨房的运作作出相应的调整? Works with Supervisor in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget和上级领导一起编制和管理部门预算。? Control of food purchases levels in line with business volume and liaise with the store person与库管人员一起控制食品采购水平。Maintain personal hygiene保证个人卫生? Provides direction to the Kitchen helpers, including Commis, Cooks, Kitchen Attendants and Stewards指导厨房帮手,包括厨师、厨房服务员和管事的工作。? Establishes and maintains effective employee working relationships与员工建立并保持良好的工作关系。? Attends and participates in daily briefings and other meetings as scheduled按计划参加并参与每日例会及其它会议。? Attends and participates in training sessions as scheduled按计划参加培训活动。? Works with Supervisor in manpower planning and management needs和上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求。Develop new dishes and products积极的创新菜肴及产品? Ensure that outstanding culinary technical skills are maintained确保突出的厨房烹饪专业技能? Assist with organizing special events and special food promotions协助组织一些特殊事件及食品推广? Encourage and inspire team members to provide guests distinct experience in creative ways.运用有创意的方法来激励、鼓舞团队成员为宾客提供独特的体验。? Cross check guests through evaluations and comments get the feedback, know how to improve guest satisfactions. 抽时间与宾客进行互动,获取反馈,了解员工提升宾客满意度的渠道。? Collaborate with Director of Food and Beverage to develop activities to meet the service behaviour and improving guest relationship continuously. 与部门总监协作共同开发达到服务行为标准和持续改善宾客关系体验的各类活动。? Promote hotel and brand recognition within the Community. Encourage employees to participate positively in local communities’ activities.提升酒店与品牌在本地的知名度,鼓励员工积极参与本地社区活动。? Ensure to obey the relevant local labour laws and hotel policy & procedure. 确保遵守相关劳工法规及酒店或公司的政策与流程。? Assist to investigating and research guest bad comments and complaints, find out the truth and the potential risk in time, solved the problems through various employee relations project. Serious problems report to superior in time.? 对工作中发生的所有问题进行调查和研究,了解事实情况,及时发现对酒店或公司可能造成的潜在风险,并通过各类员工关系项目来促进问题的解决。在遭遇重大问题时及时向上级汇报。? Ensure the kitchen is maintained and meeting the hygiene standard at all times and safe food handling practices and hotel food safety system are followed.随时保证厨房卫生达到最高的标准,了解、执行并遵守酒店食品安全系统和国家安全食品处理条例。? Demonstrate Awareness of OH&S policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within OH&S guidelines and ensure your direct reports do the same.了解职业卫生及安全政策和程序,建立意识并确保所有程序运作遵循此指导方针来安全进行。

薪资: 3千-4千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

1. Answer guest questions and handle guest requests in a polite and efficient manner such as giving information, making a reservation for a tour, a restaurant or transportation, providing directions, confirming flight, etc.  If needed, refer requests to relevant staff to ensure customer satisfaction.以礼貌有效的方式回答客人的问题处理客人的需求,如提供信息、旅游预订、餐厅或交通的指引、确认航班信息等。如需要,向有关员工寻求帮助以确保宾客满意。 2. Keep updated of all information concerning the hotel services, local places of interest, restaurants, transportation, sport facilities, churches, shopping areas and all relevant information likely to be of guests’ interest in order to be able to answer guest requests and questions.保持随时更新有关酒店的所有信息,当地景点、餐厅、交通、运动设施、教堂、购物地信息,以及所有客人感兴趣的信息,以便于能够回答客人的需求和问题。 3. Keep records, deliver and distribute all incoming and outgoing mails, faxes, messages and parcel addressed to current or future guests and hotel staff according to hotel procedures. 更具酒店程序记录所有给目前在店客人及潜在客人的寄到及寄出的邮件、传真、信息和包裹,包括酒店员工。  4. Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of desk area and replenish counters with brochures, magazines, city maps for guest availability.保持礼宾台区域的干净整洁,补充供客人所需的酒店宣传册、杂志、城市地图。5. Any other duties, which may be assigned to them from time to time as directed by their Supervisor or Manager.任何其他由所属上司或经理随时指派的职责。

薪资: 3千-3.5千 经验:不限 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级


薪资: 3千-4千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-无锡 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

主要工作职责: ?主动与客人建立情感联系,确保所有的客人得到个性化的友好的入住和离店体验 ?? ??协助客人解决疑问,和通过授权把握好每个机会去满足客人 ? 熟悉酒店及周边信息,为客人提供路线指导 工作要求: ? 具有相关工作前台接待经验者优先 ?? ? 熟练使用opera系统? ?? ? 流畅的英语表达能力 ?? ??具备服务意识 ?? ??

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-苏州 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3千-4千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:广东-深圳 食宿:提供食宿

-     Holds diploma/certificate in Hospitality or Tourism Management desirable.-     Basic Computer Skills particularly in the use of MS Office.?Knowledge of Opera/Fidelio desirable. -    Two year certificate from college or technical school; or three to six month related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.-    Preferable prerequisite knowledge and experience of the Travel/Hotel industry.

薪资: 面议 经验:1年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:北京 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 2千-3千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级

1.男,身高在173cm以上; 2.良好的服务气质; 3.待人真诚友善,愿意在高星级酒店良好拓展; 4.能进行基本的英语对话,并具有良好的学习意识接受不断的培训提升;

薪资: 5千-6千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

  1. Knowledge of local health and safety regulations    熟知当地的食品卫生安全的相关规定2. Culinary degree or equivalent experience    厨师专业或者同等的工作经验3. 2 years progressive experience in high-volume kitchen    2年以上的大型厨房的工作经验4. Excellent oral and written communication skills     良好的沟通以及书写能力5. Collaborate effectively with other hotel employees and managers to ensure teamwork? 较好的团队协作能力6.  Able to resolve conflicts guests, supervisor and employee? 能够解决客人、主管、员工之间的冲突7. Ability to multitask and work well under pressure   较强的抗压能力 

薪资: 面议 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:福建-漳州 食宿:提供食宿

1. 负责清洁整理各吧台的卫生,保持良好的工作环境。2. 熟悉酒水饮料知识及其服务方法,善于为客人推销酒水,努力提供优质的酒水服务。3. 熟悉酒水饮料制作及服务方法,正确调制各款流行饮品、鸡尾酒,严格按操作程序操作,保证各种饮品的质量。4. 工作中正确使用餐饮部的各种用具和设备,爱护酒店财产。

薪资: 3.6千-4.3千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:湖南-湘西 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 2千-3千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级


薪资: 面议 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

皇冠假日酒店?及度假村的目标是让宾客在商务旅行时轻松掌控取得成功所需的一切。那正是您发挥作用之处。当您成为皇冠假日酒店及度假村品牌的一员,您拥有的不仅仅是一个头衔。如果您与Gina一样擅长羽毛球,并喜欢阅读,您身上就具备我们看重的品质——也就是让您与众不同的那些个人天赋、爱好与梦想?;使诩偃站频暾谘罢褿ina这样的人才:充满活力、信心十足、雄心勃勃,在自己的岗位上出色表现,同时帮助我们的宾客也取得成功。加入我们的团队,成为烟台南山皇冠假日酒店的一员。您必须有抱负,有天赋,当然也需要具备一些重要的技能。因为对于这个重要职位,我们寻找的合适人选最理想的条件是拥有一年以上相关工作经验,并具有相关的高中或大专学历。作为粤菜烧腊主管,您的工作职责与岗位要求如下:工作职责1.能制作经营风味的各种烧、卤食品及配料,并掌握菜肴的销售价格和毛利率核算。2.负责烧腊食品的提供,保证染料质量和食品质量,了解各种菜肴的特点。3.制定食品和货源的规格,作为验收标准,做好每季,每月的工作计划。4.负责烧、卤、浸食品工作,能够出品各种高级宴会及中餐所用的象生拼盘及花色拼盘。5.与餐厅联系,保证食品正常供应,了解当地的市场行情,做好每天所需食品计划和货源计划。6.执行食品卫生法则及有关政策,讲究个人卫生,搞好刀具及砧板的清洁卫生。7.当天所剩的熟食品须用保鲜纸密封后整齐地放入冰箱,将冰箱调整到食品所要求的温度。8.做好每天肉品和半成品的清洗,斩劈、上叉、扫付等工作。9.做好各类食品,半成品,肉类品的保管工作。10. 培训中厨房相关员工。岗位要求1.为人正直,有责任心。2.有2年厨房烧腊工作经验,有厨房和员工管理经验3.身体健康,能吃苦耐劳。作为努力工作的回报,您将享受优渥的薪酬和福利,其中包括免费食宿、五险一金、八小时工作制、带薪年假、夜班补贴、高温补贴等。此外,由于您的职业生涯将与您自身一样独一无二,我们将根据您的需求有针对性地提供各种支持,为您的入职缔造一个良好的开端,让您融入团队并获得成长的空间。洲际酒店集团在全球100多个国家经营着5,000家酒店,皇冠假日酒店及度假村品牌就隶属于洲际酒店集团旗下。加入我们的团队之后,您还将享有这家成功的全球酒店集团带来的众多机遇。联系人: 张***/于***联系方式.:0535-6899999-6901/6903传真:0535-6790283电子邮件: [email protected]酒店地址:烟台市莱山区港城东大街299号

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:湖北-武汉 食宿:提供吃


薪资: 3.5千-4.5千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 4千-5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:北京-西城区 食宿:提供食宿

工作职责:1. 主要负责烧腊出品及食品保存。2. 理解并严格遵守员工手册中的规章制度以及涉及到消防、卫生、健康和安全的酒店政策。3. 据有常规的烹饪技能和知识。4. 确保所有的准备工作已经在开餐之前准备到位。5. 积极主动的监督厨房冻库卫生以确保厨房营运的卫生和安全。岗位要求:1. 中餐烹饪专业。2. 至少2年中餐工作经验,酒店经历优先。

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:北京 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供吃

- 1年以上相关工作经验- 尊重客人需求,认真对待客人的提问或投诉,热衷于满足客人期望,时刻提供专业和高水平的服务质量- 工作自觉主动、负责任- 性格开朗,能从容应对压力- 具有良好的团队合作精神,全力支持并协助他人工作- 出色的沟通及表达能力- 愿意接受轮班工作- 英语熟练- At least 1 year similar working experience- Respects guest needs; takes great interest in satisfying them by taking their interests and complaints seriously; consistently delivers professional services with high quality work standards- Acts on own initiative and takes responsibility for own work- Have a bright and cheerful disposition,can contend with pressure- Has team spirit, willing to provide assistance and helpful- Has good communication & interpersonal skills- Accepts to take shift work- Proficiency in English 

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

 -       尊重客人需求,认真对待客人的提问或投诉,热衷于满足客人期望,时刻提供专业和高水平的服务质量-       工作自觉主动、负责任-       性格开朗,能从容应对压力-       具有良好的团队合作精神,全力支持并协助他人工作-       出色的沟通及表达能力-       愿意接受轮班工作-       有相关工作经验者优先 -       Respects guest needs; takes great interest in satisfying them by taking their interests and complaints seriously; consistently delivers professional services with high quality work standards.-       Acts on own initiative and takes responsibility for own work-       Have a bright and cheerful disposition, can contend with pressure-       Has team spirit, willing to provide assistance and helpful-       Has good communication & interpersonal skills-       Accepts to take shift work-       Similar working experience is preferable

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